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"Jennifer helped me to uncover and access another world - a world of ideas, a world of information, a world of guidance, a world of deep knowledge. She guided me so that I could find my own tools to unlock access to that world. I am inspired by and grateful for her gentle, but persistent guidance."

J. B., ceo, Greenwich, CN

Tune-Inward Channeled Audio Download Series

Download these participatory sessions where everyone has a different experience connecting to their deep knowing and Spirit. They can be used like a key to unlock, expand and strengthen intuitive abilities. You will feel and utilize energy and cultivate a relationship and connection to your own guidance. Other things can happen as well: shifting old or outdated patterns; recognizing/handling intuitive blocks; pain relief and more. They can be very intense and powerfully transformative, as trance mediumship is used to connect and lead these groups.

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Runes Workshop Book

The Runes Workshop is a workbook where learning to play with ancient symbols of wisdom will guide you to your intuition. Runes have been around for countless centuries, yet Jennifer Halls, an intuition consultant and coach, offers interesting and varied approaches for incorporating these venerable symbols into our everyday modern life. Practical exploration and experimentation are encouraged throughout – which makes for an enjoyable, self-directed path to personal development and discovery.

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From the You know. bookshelf….

Want more resources to grow your intuition? Looking for great and creative books and movies that inspire and have great examples of intuition? Here is a list of some of my favorite books, CD’s and movies. Take a look and find somethig that inspires and delights you…