2014 it works to care for intuition and more U2 quote

Sometimes one word and how it’s used can bring about momentous change. Take the word ‘work’. We toss that word around a lot. We have to work to make money. We have to work to be better people. We have to work on our taxes, our vacation plans, our health, our relationships, ourselves – it’s exhausting!

Like most people, I have used the word work with marriage. Marriage is work. It’s a vastly agreed-upon idea in our culture. But does it ‘work’ to think that way? During an appointment I had awhile back intuition came to the rescue and transformed this idea for my client and for me.

She was tuning into her intuition by using the question, “what is the best way to work on my marriage right now? ” but kept feeling blocked. So we both tuned inward and asked the question, “what is a wise way to think about this situation? ” My client found herself thinking of the way she cares for her pets and garden. I had the words (leaves you baby if you don’t care for it) from a more than 20-year-old song by U2 pop into my brain. Both of us came up with the word ‘care’ as the general theme. ‘Care for’ marriage as opposed to ‘work on’ marriage. Epiphany! We changed the question to, “what is the best way to care for my marriage right now?” and it opened the way for her heart to speak.

So was that intuition? Yes. Intuition leads us into our place of wisdom. Even if the information comes through song lyrics, it is no less wise in its counsel, and is simply the easiest and fastest way for the knowledge we need to get through to us.

Since the session I have been substituting the words ‘care for’ for ‘work on’. How can I care for my business, my body, my marriage today? Feels more alive to me and it brings me energy instead of making me feel tired because I have so much work to do.

How can I care for my intuitive self right now? Has been a particularly powerful question. A different feeling, action, question or creative idea comes every time I ask.  I try to remember to ask several times a day and I usually feel inspired by what follows. This blog is a result of that question. It was fun to write and I feel energized.  It ‘works’ to ‘care’ for our intuition and many other things.

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