Understand Runes – Create them from Scrabble !

Use the Runes to connect to your intuition through our own language using the alphabet….

All of our letters were birthed from the Runes and I’ve created an easy way to start making those connections.

In about 3 minutes you’ll discover a fast way to make a set of alphabet Runes using Scrabble tiles. This makes it easy to learn and understand the connection to our letters and start to gain more insight into the words we use.

Just watch my new video… it’s only 3 minutes and it’s the first one I’ve made in 20 years. Boy-oh-boy is the process different but I had a lot of Fun! Understanding Runes & Our Alphabet.

Carl Jung said that intuition is at its best when working with symbols…

He felt that humankind’s greatest task on earth was to bring the unconscious psyche into consciousness. He also believed that symbols were the road to the unconscious.

The Runes are some of the most ancient symbols we have today. Many are still apparent on stones across the continent of Europe, and they are still used today as more than just an oracle. Focusing on Rune symbols can penetrate the unconscious and bring about lasting personal growth.

Runes are fun and easy on so many levels, a total beginner can do a reading for themselves in less than 5 minutes!

Simply think of a situation or question you want a different perspective on and pull a Rune, then use the easy reference guide in any book on Runes. (of coarse I prefer my book!) Or just open a Runes book to any page and get a reading.

The creative person can make many sets of Runes using all kinds of interesting materials and processes. The noncreative person can make a set with a magic marker and slips of paper — it all works and is one big doorway to your intuition!

Want to have more fun with the Runes and their meanings  While connecting to your intuition effortlessly?

Jennifer Halls, a full-time author, teacher, medium and intuition consultant since 1997, helps people discover ways to connect and communicate more clearly with their intuition, Her down-to-earth manner and practical approach to spiritual matters is what draws her clients from all over the US and world. Her popular book The Runes Workshop is available on Amazon for just $2.99 on Kindle!

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Intuition Leads to Bliss

sun kissed field
Had an intuition epiphany while visiting some
friends in the foothills of the Carolina mountains.  Their home is on top of a hill overlooking a large field with wooded areas enveloping the borders and snaking throughout the land. Heaven.

I woke up and headed out for my morning walk, iPhone in hand just in case someone was looking for me. As I started down the meandering lane, listening to the sounds of nature and soaking up the beauty around me I thought, “Now this is how to give my intuitive tank a fill-up.” I was quite pleased with myself.

But as I walked further I noticed my muscles were unusually tight with little crunches and dull aches throughout my body. I acknowledged then ignored them. I tried to focus on nature, but instead found myself craving David Byrne’s version of “Take Me to the River.” Selected it on my ‘favorites’ playlist and kept walking. Then Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels” came on and I finally could ‘feel’ the message my body had been giving me all along – I felt restrained. I didn’t want to walk. I wanted to dance… And I could!

Care for Intuition?

2014 it works to care for intuition and more U2 quote

Sometimes one word and how it’s used can bring about momentous change. Take the word ‘work’. We toss that word around a lot. We have to work to make money. We have to work to be better people. We have to work on our taxes, our vacation plans, our health, our relationships, ourselves – it’s exhausting!

Like most people, I have used the word work with marriage. Marriage is work. It’s a vastly agreed-upon idea in our culture. But does it ‘work’ to think that way? During an appointment I had awhile back intuition came to the rescue and transformed this idea for my client and for me.

She was tuning into her intuition by using the question, “what is the best way to work on my marriage right now? ” but kept feeling blocked. So we both tuned inward and asked the question, “what is a wise way to think about this situation? ” My client found herself thinking of the way she cares for her pets and garden. I had the words (leaves you baby if you don’t care for it) from a more than 20-year-old song by U2 pop into my brain. Both of us came up with the word ‘care’ as the general theme. ‘Care for’ marriage as opposed to ‘work on’ marriage. Epiphany! We changed the question to, “what is the best way to care for my marriage right now?” and it opened the way for her heart to speak.

Some of What Maya Angelou Has Taught Me About Intuition

Maya angelo quote

What better way to honor someone than to quote them. There are so many words of wisdom from Dr. Maya Angelou that are sure to keep her Spirit alive forever. I admire the way she lived her life and was able to speak with such clarity and honesty. She was definitely plugged into her intuition. She will be missed and I will continue to learn from her example.

One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “When someone tells you who they are believe them.” It has helped me many times.  Not only with other people but with what I tell myself. I’ve learned to ask…  Is what I just said out loud true?  Do I believe that about me?  It has helped me reevaluate what I understand to be true about myself and has removed long standing blocks to my intuition.

Winter Solstice & Intuitions ZigZagging Path Blessing

intuition blessingI love the winter Solstice!

It signifies the pinnacle of an opportunity to align with who we are at our core: six months of going deeper and deeper inside our own darkness and unknowing. It expands our intuitive abilities when our normal senses are somewhat ‘compromised’ by the sky dimming sooner and the weather getting colder.  It might not be fun feeling our way around situations, but intuition rarely follows a straight line.  It zigzags and circles about but often is the fastest path as we are not detoured, and when the light returns we may find that our focus is clearer.

Solstice is the start of the New Year for me. So I wish you a joyous, prosperous, healthy 2014! And this year may every step you take, whether it’s forward, backward or sideways, be blessed! ~ Jennifer

Jennifer Halls, a full-time author, teacher, medium and intuition consultant since 1997, helps people discover ways to connect and communicate more clearly with their intuition, Her down-to-earth manner and practical approach to spiritual matters is what draws her clients from all over the US and world. Her popular book The Runes Workshop is available on Amazon.

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Intuition, Sharing & Tomato Pie Recipes that Inspire


Tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic added into crust lined with gouda cheese.

Cooking is an everyday place where intuition, inspiration and creativity can weave so tightly together they are hard to separate. I choose some of my ingredients by feel (intuition), some by what I have on hand and some by what I know tastes good together. I think lots of people use their intuition everyday this way and don’t realize it. My husband calls me an intuitive cook because I never make the same thing, the same way twice. (Neither does my mother- thanks Mom!) My friend Jenni Field says to use recipes for inspiration that they are supposed to breath and grow. If I look at a recipe it is usually to make sure that the ingredients I’m thinking about using for my creation won’t fall apart. As was the case of the tomato pie. I didn’t know much about crust or if anything would bind together if I just threw it in, so I wanted to take a peek at several recipes.