How can we tap into a well of wellbeing consciously and unconsciously?

The Celt teaches us to welcome all aspects of ourselves, especially the undesirable ones. Experiencing flaws that we normally chastise ourselves for, can stop them from highjacking us at vulnerable times and we begin to understand the gifts that they bring. He also helps lead us though experiencing the subtle transformative differences in welcoming, wellness, healing and aligning within our bodies. We feel parts known, unknown, troubled, asleep, etc… come into a wholeness that increases synchronicity, flexibility and a sense of open fullness.

The Lady alerts us to what welcoming really is and what it can feel like. She emphasizes that we are all whole always. She helps us physically experience what it feels like to welcome ourselves on a molecular level, which is the key to ease in navigating life.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 –  The Power of Welcoming (30:20)
Track 3 –  What It Means To Be Whole (22:10)
Track 4 –  Reminder That Lead Us To Alignment (9:10)

Recorded live May 2, 2017 in Charlotte, NC.
Features: The Celt and The Lady

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