The Celt helps us disengage* the habit of ‘have to’ and obligation (which depletes our energy, disconnects us from our intuition and leads to feelings of powerlessness) to living from valued choices. He teaches us how to connect in our bodies so we can be to be moved to choose from a place of aligned knowing. How to use less energy, dispel expectations, receive help and so much more.

The Lady leads us so our soul values are internally activated and connects us to a weighted feeling that precedes valuable choices. She speaks of individual value and helps open us to a powerful blessing.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – How To Release Obligation (26:53)
Track 3 – The How & Importance of Choosing from Soul Values (28:51)
Track 4 – Really Receive Help (7:57)

* There was a lot of releasing in this experience that took the form of coughing. It was not edited out of this audio and hopefully will encourage personal release, to receive what is needed.

Features: The Celt & The Lady
Recorded live December 5, 2017 in Charlotte, NC 

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