The Celt begins by taking us to a place of knowing inside and anchors us there with a physical touchstone to use as a way to begin making decisions in any situation. He shares the secret of how to come from a place of clarity and focus through different perspectives. He gives a ton of information for us to play with, that shifts us out of our old patterns and masks into productive, fun ways to approach life. He helps us discover more ways to connect to our deep knowing to move us forward.
The Lady talks about masks for discovering valuable information about ourselves. She brings us two physically felt blessings around securing our spirit while opening to a golden part of us. Her perspective on how to get a fuller perspective begins with three questions. She shares a lot of information, while helping us feel different experiences.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:19)
Track 2 – Touchstone To Wisdom (27:55)
Track 3 – Feeling Perspectives Change Though Energy Masks & Blessings (25:32)
Track 4 – Don’t Make This Hard – How To Play (10:17)

Features: The Celt & The Lady
 Recorded on January 2, 2018 in Charlotte, NC

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