The Celt uses our sense of taste to shift deep patterns within ourself and our life experience. He helps us to invoke silence, peace, and neutrality; feeling the different effects of each we discern times to use them effectively. The Celt leads us through countless possibilities to choose the qualities we infuse into our health and lives.

The Lady plunges us into the depths of ourselves and assists us to integrate more of our spirit into the fibers of our being. She then opens us to divine time, to heal our parts that have been injured, bypassing the mind to integrate our complexity and purpose. Participants commented that the texture and density of this teaching brought them to a completely new levels of inner experience.

Track 1—Introduction (3:19)
Track 2—Palatable Ways to Change (25:20)
Track 3—The Well of Wellness (29:44)
Track 4—What’s on the Menu of Life? (7:15)

Features: The Celt & The Lady
Recorded on February 6, 2018 in Charlotte, NC

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