The Celt shifts our perspective and helps us clear space for fresh understanding by giving new meaning to common words surrounding intent. He shows us methods to approach situations we encounter in ways that are more productive to our souls.

The Lady helps us rediscover the buried treasures within ourselves. She broadens the range of frequencies through our hearts to awaken our whole bodies. She immerses us in vibrations to open that which has been asleep.

A new guide introduces himself. His purpose is to help us connect to the elements inside and outside for healing and support. He calls himself The Elemental.

Track 1—Introduction (3:19)
Track 2—Palatable Ways to Change (25:20)
Track 3—The Well of Wellness (29:44)
Track 4—What’s on the Menu of Life? (7:15)

Features: The Celt, The Lady & The Elemental
Recorded live on March 6, 2018 in Charlotte, NC

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