The Celt helps us connect to several tree and plant spirit friends. By comparing and contrasting several ways of connecting, we learn of the bounty of energy available to us anytime, anywhere. He leads us through experiences that broadens our perspective on what medicine has the potential to be. He assists us in making a stronger connection with guidance that helps us focus on our soul’s gifts.

The Lady helps us find the perfect formula for clarity and living our soul’s purpose. We gain understanding of the power of words and their effect on what we are open to embodying.

The Elemental connects us to the earth through our bones. He gives us tools to open to our gifts and walk our story with certainty.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:19)
Track 2 – Developing Sensitivity Through Contrast (19:33)
Track 3 – The Meeting of Opposites (17:53)
Track 4 – A Stronger Connection for Focus and Clarity (16:44)

Features: The Celt, The Lady & The Elemental
Recorded live on April 3, 2018 in Charlotte, NC

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