There is a lot of stress in our lives, even with the simple act of driving.

The Celt points out some common settings and postures that promote clenching, gripping and the domino effect of tightening into stress. Once aware we can stop holding onto the pattern. We begin to open, experience release and become more present. He then helps us remember and address forgotten vows affecting our choices today. As we open to more choices,

The Lady gives us a deep experience of wonder. We experience being filled with supportive energy on many levels. The lingering effects of this experience include a positive shift in our quality of life.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Is Stress a Part of Our Transportation? (18:10)
Track 3 – Driving Forces: Inwardly, Culturally & Wonderfully (31:18)
Track 4 – Topping Off the Tank: Being Filled on Many Levels (11:52)

Recorded live Nov 3 2015 in Charlotte, SC.
Features:The Celt and The Lady

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