The Celt helps us in spreading the feeling of gratitude. He assists us in rewiring patterns that are limiting our senses. He guides us through many ways to reduce stress, strengthen our alignment and shift our perspective so that the holidays are more meaningful and filling. And, the power and usefulness of a group connection not bound by time or place is explored.*

The Lady takes us deeply into a state of wellness. She then connects us to the help we need to permeate our entire body with well being.

This is the first channeling done with a group online and is a wonderful, healing experience. It encapsulates the tangible inner and outer connections The Celt & The Lady consistently give.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – How To Easily Spread Into Gratitude (26:30)
Track 3 – A Well of Wellness (24:42)
Track 4 – Closing & Blessing (2:33)

First Online Recording November 26, 2013
Features: The Celt and The Lady

*A couple of things are worded to seem specific to this group, like it takes place several days before Thanksgiving. Please know that the guidance not only included future listeners but also comes and helps whenever someone listens, as with all of the Tune-Inwards. Please have the intent that any instruction that seems not to apply (like place) be altered to fit your needs.

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