Wouldn’t it be great if our soul automatically downloaded the updates we need to improve the way we function?

The Celt assures us that we do have the ability and choice to upgrade. He says it’s similar to computer technology where downloads are made without the users total understanding of how it’s configured. He guides us to a receptive space where our soul permeates every molecule of our body. He also describes signs that indicate we are going through a soul upgrade, when* we need to initiate one and how to care for ourselves. He helps us release shame and opens us to the deep knowing of ourselves, leaving no room for doubt.

The Lady speaks about our soul being present and whole while guiding us to activate, feel and attune to how it resonates within. She gives us several ways to find clarity and to feel in sync with ourselves. Aligning body and soul so our mind pays attention when our spirit has a good choice or idea.

*The Celt promises that guidance will be always assist us in using this experiential audio and recommends we use it repeatedly as a tool for depression, overwhelm, impatience, stuck-ness, etc…

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – The Power of Calling On Our Nameless Self  (37:18)
Track 3 – Healing Shame & Activating Deep Knowing (43:33)

Recorded live March 1, 2016 in Charlotte, SC.
Features: The Celt and The Lady

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