Though this takes place around Thanksgiving, knowing how to amplify our energy and clarity is useful all year.

The Celt points out that one of the biggest blocks to our intuition is obligation. He helps us release the obligations we have made, known and unknown, to clear space to make choices. He reminds us our soul is wise and makes unifying choices that bring about what is needed for all involved. He leads us through many mundane tasks in our lives and shows us ways to gain energy, joy and gratitude from these simple choices. We then gather more energy and gain a greater understanding of the words, let there be peace on earth and good will to men.

The Lady helps our soul-self and ego-self integrate so that our ego is more aligned with the soul. She defines the ego as the part of us we have developed by making millions of conscious and unconscious choices. She guides us to connecting to our soul to help bring more light into situations so we act from integrity. She says with this alignment synchronicity happens, we have ample time for what we need and our health and clarity is amplified.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Escaping the Trap of Obligation (36:00)
Track 3 – How To Amplify & Have Ample Time (49:20)

Recorded live, November 2015 Tune-Inward from Anywhere.
Features: The Celt and The Lady

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