It’s easy to focus on the things that aren’t happening when we have expectations – it can make us feel tired and disappointed.

The Celt talks about the value of what we focus on and how it allows us to re-charge or become depleted. He directs our minds to focus on the little things that are happening to continue to develop our senses to the unseen world. He leads us in simple ways to absorb more energy and learn how to modulate it. He helps us understand and utilize the ‘way of beauty’ with all of our senses, giving us more vibrancy and width in life. He also helps release what’s in the way of easily recharging ourselves and opens us to receive what we need. We also learn to connect to the spirit of water and how to work with it.

The Lady helps us to receive our pure self, which heals and settles us. She explains that when we find parts of ourselves unacceptable, such as pain, having negative thoughts or bad behavior, it is a way of protecting ourselves which results in narrow perception. She guides us in receiving more of our soul sense. This broadens our perception to possibilities and brings us into energetic alignment with our being and the world again.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Simple Ways to Absorb Extra Energy (35:13)
Track 3 – The Healing Intimacy of the Soul (36:34)

Recorded live, January 2016 Tune-Inward from Anywhere.
Features: The Celt and The Lady

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