There is always a wise choice and a poor choice to be made, sometimes they’re hard to discern.

The Celt invites spiritual helpers from nature that we don’t expect to aid us. We experience and experiment with the power of simple sound that is medicine for our bodies. He leads us in gathering energy that nourishes and is sustainable. He teaches us how to wake-up the wisdom in the simple things around us and reframes the idea of stupidity.

The Lady teaches how to connect to the beings in the world around us that are teachers and open to the experiential knowledge of wisdom. She brings insight into what real wisdom is and begins to shift our thinking to integrate a wise way of viewing the world.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Bees Help Us Be (30:02)
Track 3 – Seek Wisdom Experience (31:40)
Track 4 – Wake-Up To Sharing Wisdom (9:11)

Recorded live June 7, 2016 in Charlotte, NC.
Features: The Celt and The Lady

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