Mercury goes into retrograde approximately three times a year. It is associated with many difficulties with communication and technology. Instead of fighting its energy The Celt helps us use the forces of Mercury’s pause to our benefit . By going inward we revitalize our health, find our center(s) and clarify our direction. He also guides us in ways to choose and experience memories to positively effect our current situation.

The Lady assists us in recovery on all levels. She sheds light on how to recognize when recovery is needed, teaches us ways to invite it and opens our beliefs about the potential of recovery.

Features: The Celt and The Lady

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Revitalizing All Centers (36:56)
Track 3 – Recovery & helping the Nervous System (30:14)
Track 4 – Choose to Restore! (10:41)

Recorded live September 6, 2016 in Charlotte, NC.

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