(December) Tune-Inward Channeled Meditation: Embodying the Mystical Self

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017 — 7 PM to 8:45 PM

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jennifer-halls-keyCome and explore a sensate connection with yourself and Spirit. The focus of these channeled classes is to develop new ties to the deep knowing within yourself. Guided meditation is used to help navigate, clear and embody pathways to your inner guidance.

Classes are held regularly in Charlotte, NC (always on a Tuesday evening)

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What is the Mystical Self?

By definition the word mystical implies an experience of connection to something ‘bigger’ that can’t be completely described and is unique to the individual. Having a group Tune-Inward actually supports the diversity of personal needs. Conversation is involved to open the door to learn from everyone, develop an intuitive language and to ground the experience.

What else will this connection do?

Some of the things people experience have immediate and long-term effects such as the expansion of intuitive abilities, clearing of old or outdated patterns, recognizing and handling intuitive blocks, pain relief and much more.

Who are you channeling?

There are two teachers that come through Jennifer to help open participants up to their own wisdom. One calls himself The Celt. He is interested in helping people open to new patterns that support health and joy in life. He helps develop the senses so that the Spiritual help around each of us is experienced in a tangible way. His practical teachings often offer simple ways to shift perspective to feel more vital and healthy in life.

The other is known as The Lady and is interested in helping integrate more of the Soul into the physical body. This aligns and helps us remember who we are and what gifts we came to share. Often a deep validation is felt in her presence and self-criticism and grief are often released.


Time: 7:00 to 8:45 PM — please be on time so we can start by 7:05.

Movement Dialogues Studio (Above McAlister’s Deli between Woodlawn and Tyvola)
4805 Park Road, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28209

What to Bring: a notebook or journal; a pen & a bottle of drinking water

Registration: please register below OR call 803-370-1036.
Doors close at 7:05 so don’t be late.

Questions? Call Jennifer Halls at 803-370-1036 or email

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REFUND POLICY: While we do not give refunds for classes you are unable to attend, you may send someone in your place. You may also attend another class instead. Please let us know prior to class if this is the case. Thank you.

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About Jennifer Halls

Jennifer Halls loves helping people discover, own and use their intuition. As a full-time intuition consultant and teacher since 1997, she has led thousands of sessions to help people experience, understand and navigate their inner-guidance. Her methods are straightforward, practical and fun because Jennifer believes intuition is a natural part of a healthy, happy life. She is the author of The Runes Workshop available on and more than 50 of her channeled meditations are available in MP3 format on her website She was ordained in 1998 by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyére; initiated in the Dagara system by Sobonfu Somé in 2004; and certified by Lauren Artress as a Veriditas labyrinth facilitator in 2011. She is dedicated to using a wide variety of ways and tools to help people develop and rely on their intuition. Find Jennifer on Facebook and Pintrest