Gebo Gifts & Hot-Cross-Buns

Gebo is a giant X and there are many ways to experience it. If you have ever spontaneously stood with your arms and legs out in this position you know the feeling that words fall short to explain. It’s the simultaneous expression of extending (giving) and fullness (receiving) fully in the moment. It’s when life feels delicious and we want to spread out into it. I wish this feeling for you this season!

Bun story: I saw this photo months ago on my dear friends Jenni Field’s blog and thought, “perfect example of Gebo for the holidays!” She generously sent me her photo and before you ask… here’s the Bun Link to these mouthwatering golden delights.

A GIFT FOR YOU: My gift to you is a  Channeled Meditation to help fortify yourself during the holidays. Just tap this FREE Meditation and download to your computer. It will be up until January 15, 2014 and requires nothing but your interest. (no login, email info, nothing tracks) I hope you enjoy it!

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