Gebo  & Sowilo Runes the gift of light!

Gebo & Sowilo Runes the gift of light!

Sorting through my photos I came across an unexpected message. I know I posted about Gebo last week but the beauty of the Runes is the many perspectives they reveal. The holidays bring people together. They can create a mutual positive effect so great that we reminisce about it for years or can be an over-whelming, stress-filled drain that we fear will reoccur.  Here’s some wise counsel from one of the writing spiders that hang out in my yard if the holidays are complicated for you.

Gebo means gift and is also the law of cause and effect. Sowilo literally means light that guides. Combined they give us good advice. Recognize (cause) the gifts you have given received or exchanged and it will help you focus on light and goodness where ever you are (effect). Sometimes we literally can’t leave a situation for many complicated reasons. However inwardly we can walk away from discomfort and unhappiness by focusing on the beauty around us. Even if it’s very small let yourself be guided to something in the room that is beautiful (light). Let it fill your lens of attention. Your personal experience will feel better and it may even have a good effect on others.

If that is how you usually operate during the holidays recognize you are a light. Smile and let that feeling flow through you—you never know who you will effect.

Photo story: I almost didn’t use this image because some people don’t like spiders. I happen to think this one is beautiful and love that they eat the more annoying bugs that can distract me from fully relaxing on my porch. But it was the sun light that revealed the message and it felt right to share.

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