Happy Holidays — My Gift to You!

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During this busy holiday season, I am offering the following download as my gift to you. May it help to support and fortify you, so you may enjoy the holidays to the fullest. — Jennifer

Meditation #57: Open, Clear, Focus & Fortify Every Part of Ourselves

This is an amazing teaching that takes us through the elements to open ourselves to clear, focus and fortify us on every level. Learn ways to connect to group energy when there is no group present. The Celt guides us into waking up our senses and aligning us with wholeness. The Lady* connects us to and helps our Soul open us to our wisdom. Recorded live November 4, 2013 in Charlotte, NC

*When The Lady comes there is a long pause in the recording. It is left there on purpose to give us space and time to connect and experience her personally in the moment we are listening.

Track 1 – Introduction (4:36)
Track 2 – Inner Cleansing & Focus with the Elements (36.51)
30percentdiscountTrack 3 – How to Wake-Up and Connect to Soul’s Wisdom (32:52)
Track 4 – Wholeness & the Benefit of Aligning with Our Timing (7:47)

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