intuition is not your 6th sense it is your essence quote 2014When I hear people refer to intuition as merely another sense I understand why we don’t value it in our culture. For one thing we can completely or partially lose any one of our senses. Such losses can be challenging but most learn to function. Our essence is with us where ever we are – even after we shed this body. If we thought about how our essence (Spirit) is trying to communicate with us we might pay more attention since it is something we never lose. Most people associate our spirit as part of or a connection to something greater than ourselves. An intuitive hit is a synapse that alerts our body to a different perspective than the mind has on its own. We have all experienced that kind of knowing at some point and know just how valuable it can be.

There are ways to actually map our body so we can perceive our intuitive messages more clearly and frequently. Please join me on Saturday, May 24th I will be teaching the Get the Message! Workshop: Even More Ways to Connect, Communicate & Experience Guidance from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Wingmaker Arts Collaborative. We will learn ways to tell the difference between imagination and inner guidance. We will also explore where to check our body for messages and how to interpret them speedily anytime, anywhere. If you are unable to attend individual appointments are always available.

Jennifer Halls, a full-time author, teacher, medium and intuition consultant since 1997, helps people discover ways to connect and communicate more clearly with their intuition, Her down-to-earth manner and practical approach to spiritual matters is what draws her clients from all over the US and world. Her popular book The Runes Workshop is available on Amazon.

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