sun kissed field
Had an intuition epiphany while visiting some
friends in the foothills of the Carolina mountains.  Their home is on top of a hill overlooking a large field with wooded areas enveloping the borders and snaking throughout the land. Heaven.

I woke up and headed out for my morning walk, iPhone in hand just in case someone was looking for me. As I started down the meandering lane, listening to the sounds of nature and soaking up the beauty around me I thought, “Now this is how to give my intuitive tank a fill-up.” I was quite pleased with myself.

But as I walked further I noticed my muscles were unusually tight with little crunches and dull aches throughout my body. I acknowledged then ignored them. I tried to focus on nature, but instead found myself craving David Byrne’s version of “Take Me to the River.” Selected it on my ‘favorites’ playlist and kept walking. Then Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels” came on and I finally could ‘feel’ the message my body had been giving me all along – I felt restrained. I didn’t want to walk. I wanted to dance… And I could!

In the middle of nowhere where no one could see or hear me, I could do what I’ve always wanted to do when walking in my neighborhood — I line danced my way around that hill. And I’m not talking western style. I’m talking about an almost 50-year-old white woman badly Soul Training up-and-down that mountain, most certainly singing off key.  Pure bliss!

Uninhibited dance movement is a pleasure I reserve for housework or alone time at the art studio. Obviously this kind of movement in public would show a total lack of discernment. So like most everyone else in the world, I publically contain my listening enjoyment to between my aug 20 2014 yellow butterfly in field


My mind didn’t want to pay attention to the intuitive message my body was sending through its unusual discomfort. It took a randomly played song to get me to ‘feel’ that freedom was available to me.  When honored, instead of simply acknowledged, my body started opening. All the cranky physical sensations disappeared and loosened up to receive the world around me. This was the real way to fill my Soul today. I didn’t have to feel pleased with myself, I embodied pleasure.



As if to punctuate this epiphany, the sun peeked over the tree line and cast a soft glow over the fields. Multi-colored butterflies started rising up over the foliage. Swaying and flitting about – their dance appears aimless to the observer. Like me, yet with much more grace.

Yellow and blue butterflies


The scene gave me a visual for intuition opening in the body. It comes alive a bit at a time, seeming to wander directionless yet wisely guiding us to wider options.  If I had kept listening to nature (as my ego judged appropriate) instead of answering a craving for the Talking Heads, I would have had a nice walk.


Instead, I walked away with a whole new layer of understanding to being awake both internally and externally. Thank you intuition for leading me into a miracle.


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