Maya angelo quote

What better way to honor someone than to quote them. There are so many words of wisdom from Dr. Maya Angelou that are sure to keep her Spirit alive forever. I admire the way she lived her life and was able to speak with such clarity and honesty. She was definitely plugged into her intuition. She will be missed and I will continue to learn from her example.

One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “When someone tells you who they are believe them.” It has helped me many times.  Not only with other people but with what I tell myself. I’ve learned to ask…  Is what I just said out loud true?  Do I believe that about me?  It has helped me reevaluate what I understand to be true about myself and has removed long standing blocks to my intuition.

The quote I chose to post is less known. It is such a simple truth and applies to so many mysteries including – you guessed it- Intuition. It’s a great example to explain the work I do, which is help people find their intuitive light switches.

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