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Everyday I curl up in my favorite chair with a mug of tea to do sessions over the phone. Warm tea has a soothing effect on me which translates to my work. I love the comfort of an ordinary ritual to open my intuitive self. The warmth in my hands, the herbal-spicy flavors and scent help me wake up and listen with all of my senses. I’m also very particular about the beauty and feel of the mugs I use. My favorite was given to me by my friend Maureen made by artist Wendy Olson. Brightly colored, it depicts a woman looking and listening, intently attuned to the bees around her.

This morning I read from my Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnet tag: When we practice listening we become intuitive. Aaaahhh yes, that simple reminder helped me sink even deeper into myself, relishing all the ways I might listen a bit more.

Later, Akasha, a friend who’s a wonderful coach, randomly sent me this quote by Rachel Naomi Remen. “Our listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts within another person.”  Yes. Our intuition – our essence – effortlessly provides space when we listen to ourselves and others. Also when we deeply hear someone’s story it mirrors a path for them to find a home within for it. This brought deeper meaning to the tea message from my Peach De-tox tea the previous day: Your intuition is your best friend.

intuition best friend

Sharing and listening is part of a good friendship. What does it mean to have intuition be my best friend? How do I treat it as I would an actual friendship? These are good questions to keep asking. It might mean I need to seek a friend to talk to. It might mean drinking tea and spending time with me as I would a best friend. It might mean walking the dog, taking a bath or cooking just the right meal. Maybe it’s doing something creative. What does it mean to you?

I thought I was done writing this blog so I made myself a pot of Ginger tea to have while reading it over. Synchronicity was still at work as a third tag read, Live by intuition and consciousness. I will tell you that in 10 years of drinking Yogi tea I have only received about 15 tags specifically on intuition.

teapot intuition
Three in two days!! Weird. And perfect.


A final note: I debated whether to share the following bit of information but, the last tea message was the sign I needed to include it. For those who want to do an intuition tea ritual, you may want to check out this blog on ’what’s really in your tea’. Personally I love my Yogi and Tazo teas and will continue to drink them and choose others more consciously.

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