‘The Runes Workshop’ Workbook


“Terrific Runes workshop yesterday! A smorgasbord of juicy ideas and tools. Thanks Jennifer, you were a fountain of humor and wisdom.”

— Karon Luddy, author of Spelldown & educator, Charlotte, NC

The Runes Workshop is a workbook where learning to play with ancient symbols of wisdom will guide you to your intuition.

Runes have been around for countless centuries, yet Jennifer Halls, an intuition consultant and coach, offers interesting and varied approaches for incorporating these venerable symbols into our everyday modern life. Practical exploration and experimentation are encouraged throughout – which makes for an enjoyable, self-directed path to personal development and discovery.

This workbook gives you:

  • Versatile instructions on making your own Runes
  • Discover meanings and processes that feel most important to you
  • Basic structure for creating personal rituals and healings
  • Divination being simple and fun
  • Tips on incorporating the Runes with the Tarot and other oracles
  • A flexible approach – explore the Runes in your own way and time
  • And much more…

Throughout, the Runes are made accessible, inviting, and are always informative and entertaining. You’ll soon find your own path to making these ancient symbols an important part of life.

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Reader Reviews on Amazon

This book, coupled with “Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick”, gave me more readily-usable information than the others with authors who are more well known. It gives (multiple) definitions, and just about every magickal or esoteric association known, from tarot to magick to the zodiac to colors, elements, and more. The information was succinct, easy to understand, and (as I found out when I cross-referenced it with the other tomes) at times more complete than other more expensive, lengthy tomes. Start here, and get the other book I mentioned above, too. You’ll spend less getting these two books than you would buying one of the other Rune books I own.

-Allan Sherwood

Believe!, I have known Jennifer Halls for many years. She is an incredibly gifted Intuitive Couselor. I would not be sane without her guidance. I consider anything written by her to be a gift to the world.

-- NancyLynn

I tried several other books but this one was wonderful. Two other books were recommended to me but they still lacked the vital information that this one offered. I think that anyone looking to further their knowledge of runes should get The Runes Workshop it contains everything you need.


Amazing Teacher. Jennifer will flex the muscle of your intuition, taking you inside yourself to places from which you can leave a more whole person. This book can serve as a tool for spiraling into a deeper understanding of self and your relationships with the world , or for pure entertainment. I will be purchasing additional copies for friends, and will be looking for the kindle edition.

-- Sharon Kershner

This is a great book for beginners and elders of runes castings. Information is set out in a very logical way that makes casting so much easier. I like that at the start of every rune is a cheat sheet, of a sort, where info from 5 different sources are gathered for a fast reference.

-P Weaver

Excellent Rune Reference book. Out of all the rune books I have, I keep coming back to this one for reference. It has clear, concise information regarding each rune which makes it extremely valuable when doing rune charts or readings. The additional exercises in the book are wonderful to do again and again to help strengthen your understanding of the runes and how to interpret them. I highly recommend this book!

-Jessica Knox