Use the Runes to connect to your intuition through our own language using the alphabet….

All of our letters were birthed from the Runes and I’ve created an easy way to start making those connections.

In about 3 minutes you’ll discover a fast way to make a set of alphabet Runes using Scrabble tiles. This makes it easy to learn and understand the connection to our letters and start to gain more insight into the words we use.

Just watch my new video… it’s only 3 minutes and it’s the first one I’ve made in 20 years. Boy-oh-boy is the process different but I had a lot of Fun! Understanding Runes & Our Alphabet.

Carl Jung said that intuition is at its best when working with symbols…

He felt that humankind’s greatest task on earth was to bring the unconscious psyche into consciousness. He also believed that symbols were the road to the unconscious.

The Runes are some of the most ancient symbols we have today. Many are still apparent on stones across the continent of Europe, and they are still used today as more than just an oracle. Focusing on Rune symbols can penetrate the unconscious and bring about lasting personal growth.

Runes are fun and easy on so many levels, a total beginner can do a reading for themselves in less than 5 minutes!

Simply think of a situation or question you want a different perspective on and pull a Rune, then use the easy reference guide in any book on Runes. (of coarse I prefer my book!) Or just open a Runes book to any page and get a reading.

The creative person can make many sets of Runes using all kinds of interesting materials and processes. The noncreative person can make a set with a magic marker and slips of paper — it all works and is one big doorway to your intuition!

Want to have more fun with the Runes and their meanings  While connecting to your intuition effortlessly?

Jennifer Halls, a full-time author, teacher, medium and intuition consultant since 1997, helps people discover ways to connect and communicate more clearly with their intuition, Her down-to-earth manner and practical approach to spiritual matters is what draws her clients from all over the US and world. Her popular book The Runes Workshop is available on Amazon for just $2.99 on Kindle!

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